About the Baby & Toddler Online Tracking System (BTOTS)

BTOTS is funded by Utah Baby Watch and developed in cooperation with the statewide early intervention providers and MDSC. The initial desktop version of BTOTS was released in the Fall of 2005 and replaced with the web-based system in the spring of 2013.

Utah Baby Watch

Baby Watch

This program provides early identification and developmental services for families of infants and toddlers, ages birth to three.

Some of the services offered include:

  • A full assessment of a child's current health and development status.
  • Service coordination among providers, programs and agencies.
  • Strategies to build on family concerns, priorities, & resources (CPR).
  • Developmental services: occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech language therapy, etc.

These services are provided through the coordinated effort of parents, community agencies, and a variety of professionals. Places where services are provided include Baby Watch centers, home, and community settings such as child care.
Visit the Utah Baby Watch website for more information.

Utah Early Intervention Providers

The early intervention providers have provided invaluable feedback during the development of the BTOTS. Their thoughtful review and input during the development of and transition to the web based format helped enable a complete and robust system for all participants.

A full list of all local early intervention providers is available at:
Statewide EI Providers List

Multidimensional Software Creations (MDSC)


MDSC is an Internet solutions provider, working closely with each customer to ensure their business practices are accurately reflected in the software we create together.

Visit the MDSC website to meet our team and see examples of our other work.

Questions & Comments

For questions or comments, please contact us by phone or through our online technical support site.

Online Support: BTOTS Online Support
Phone: 255-555-6768